With the spring market in full swing, listings are sure to continue to come on and off the market well into the summer,  As a buyer, you want to be fully ready to go as it can get quite competitive out there! Before you sign off on that offer, be sure to ask yourself these questions:

1. Do I plan to live here forever?
Take into consideration things you can and can not change in the home. Structurally, if you plan to add space, this can be an added bonus down the road for resale. For cosmetic changes, these can always be updated, ex, granite, paint ....
2. What should my budget be?
You want to take into consideration the down payment amount you will put down for the purchase and be mindful of the monthly mortgage. Important to consider are your monthly car payments, student loans and credit card debt. A good lender is ready to put you into the right loan program to fit your needs.
3. Is it in a good school district?
This is a very important question whether or not you have or plan to have kids.  Even if schools are not important to you, they will be for the next buyer of your home. Most focus their home search in the school systems they have researched. is a great resource which provides ratings for the schools in the area.
4. Is buying the right choice?
Always look at home ownership as a long term investment. While it may be overwhelming to consider financially, be sure to pair yourself with an experienced real estate agent and lender that can help make this a fun and memorable experience!  

If you are looking to purchase a home, or just ask a question, feel free to contact me at 703-980-8710!