Never underestimate the value of having an experienced real estate consultant on your side when dealing with purchasing or selling your house. Below are 4 reasons why.

Neighborhood Experts:

An experienced local agent has the expert knowledge of the local area. They know the current market conditions, recently sold comparables and coming soons to help you make your decision on how much to list your house for or what offer price to start with.

Personal Attention:

Think of a Real Estate Consultant as your personal concierge service. When it comes to house hunting, they are able to schedule the appointments around the times that work best for you. Any specific questions you may have or ones you didn't think to ask regarding real estate can quickly be answered by an agent.

Expert Negotiation:

An experienced agent loves to negotiate and knows how to communicate your needs without getting to personal and having the deal fall apart. An agent know how to guide your through this process with ease.


There are many steps from when you begin house hunting to when you are ready to sign off  at settlement that must occur to ensure success. An experienced agent knows how to guide their clients to help alleviate some stress and confusion with the process. Think of not having a real estate agent represent you as not having an attorney with you in court to represent you. Just not worth the risk!


If you are considering buying or selling and are interested in speaking with an experienced real estate consultant, give me a call! I would love to get you started on your journey!